A long career that has only just gotten started, embracing every opportunity to get better, thriving in the online data driven future.

I have spend my entire – so far pretty short, adult life trying to learn everything I possibly can about marketing and data. My somewhat atypical path to one of the best marketing universities in the UK started with a move to Norway from my home in Denmark. I quickly picked up English as a native language opening up the possibility of seeking abroad for further education. 

After my time in Norway I continued my education at Oxford Brookes University – a choice I have yet to regret. During my time at Brookes, that is now unfortunately lacking to an end, I’ve gained an incredible insight into the craft of marketing, forming ideas about various fields and theories all while applying it to real life cases and clients.

During my time at Brookes I’ve seeked and taken every opportunity presented to get into the industry and apply my knowledge in the real world.

Initially that landed me at the danish SaaS start-up Praice where I got an opportunity to create and implement a marketing and sales enablement strategy. I also assisted in the re-design of the company website. My time with Praice was my first crash course in what it takes to make it. Right as I was leaving to return to university the company was successfully acquired.

Following my initial success at Praice I decided to return to the Copenhagen start-up scene to further my knowledge, this time landing a month long internship with the award winning tech company JourneyXP. My initial internship led to me getting hired as a part-time marketing assistant, a role that in May 2018 grew even further as I took over marketing, sales-enablement and social media duties as the Digital Marketing Manager of JourneyXP.

A role I fulfilled until January of 2019 – where after my focus shifted 100% to my studies.


Countless hours of hands on learning, over a year of industry experience in some of the most innovative danish start-ups. 

– Brand Development & Advertising

– Web Design

– Search Marketing: SEO & PPC

– Influencer Marketing

– Email Marketing, Design & Dev

– Social Media (Paid & Organic)

– Data Driven Marketing

– Conversational Marketing

– Sales Enablement

– Data Driven Sales Enablement

– Lead Generation

– Webchat

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