Simon Bruus

Hello, I'm Simon Bruus.


Danish international student with a global view on society. Happy and energetic, always prepared to work. Have previously worked with marketing for start-ups and currently looking to expand on my experience and knowledge with more work/internships. I was born in Denmark and am a Denmark native, I moved to Stavanger, Norway in 9th grade and took my high school education there by completing the well-respected IB program before choosing Oxford Brookes University as the school to further my education at. I have experience in growth hacking, content marketing, inbound/outbound marketing, marketing research, social media, web/graphic design and more. Currently attending Oxford Brookes University studying BA Business and Marketing Management.

A little bit about myself?

I have worked at these places..

In my 'new' role with JourneyXP my focus will shift to supporting sales enablement through various digital affairs. I'll also assume responsibility of the company's social media presence, content coordination and continue to help drive growth through data-driven marketing strategies. Through this process I aim to continue to help JourneyXP democratize programming to empower the next generation workforce and in the process soak up as much knowledge as possible from my award winning colleagues.
As the student brand ambassador for Circle it will be my job to spread awareness regarding the Circle Pay app through various marketing and promotional efforts, collaborating with other Circle team members to create events and help further understanding of the Circle platform.
As a student guide it's my job to show new and potential students around the facilities on campus, answer any of their questions and help make them feel welcome and wanted.
Following my internship with JourneyXP I was offered a part-time position as part of their marketing team. My responsibilities include creating, implementing and running our core prospecting play, customer service through our Intercom client and more.
With JourneyXP organizations can establish a real-time data orchestration infrastructure that makes it easy to design and deliver journey experience without coding a single line. During my internship with JourneyXP I will be responsible for the creation and optimization of data-driven sales and marketing processes.
As a Pony Bike Brand Ambassador I'm responsible for planning, performing and reflecting on various promotional efforts to spread the word about Pony Bikes in Oxford. Collaborating with other Pony Bike employees in order to maximize reach and efficiency by creating events and happenings.
A small company I started with my brother and mom, we handmake and sell dog covers for dog shows. This is a learning experience for me, in particular in how to effectively reach a niche audience using various marketing techniques.
In the role as an intern/growth hacker at Praice my main focus was initially lead generation before I shifted my focus to inbound content marketing, specifically articles/blog posts/videos/etc. During my time with the company I also lead the redevelopment of the company's website.

I have studied here..

Following my first two yeas of study at Oxford Brookes I have gained extensive knowledge in areas including, but not limited to: CRM, customer journeys, brand management and creation, finance, communications and more.
I completed the IB program at the International School of Stavanger, as well as successfully fulfilling the requirements of the CAS program which allowed me to work with the Cameroon Service Project, a non-profit charitable organisation doing work in Bafou, Cameroon to help school children have a better education.
I was at Haahrs School, a private school in Svendborg, Denmark from 0-8th grade.

I'm always looking for new opportunities!

Have any opportunities that you believe could be of interest to me? Don't hesitate to get in contact with me.
Simon Bruus